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Bernie Doyle Baseball

Bernie Doyle Baseball

Video Analysis Purpose/Breakdown

Coach Doyle believes using Voice Over Video Analysis is one of the best coaching tools there is today in hitting instruction.  All of the players that undergo video analysis show instant improvement.  Most if not all players are visual learner--if they see it they understand it! A coach or dad can try to coach/explain to a player something they are doing wrong and no matter how many times they tell them they still don’t get it or understand it, but once they see it they totally understand it.

After Coach Doyle video clips a player he goes over the video clips with the students showing them instantly what they are doing right and also what they can improve on.  He also shows the players clips of players that are doing the correct mechanics/techniques from MLB players down to little league players so they understand what Coach Doyle is looking for.  These clips can be emailed directly to the parents or can be
viewed by visiting the Player Private Lesson Videos page.

Here are some mechanics that Coach Doyle looks for while analyzing a players swing:


1.    Is their depth and distance correct in regards to the plate?
2.    Are their feet as wide as their bat and pointed forward?
3.    Are they in an athletic position?
4.    Are their hands around their shoulder blade area and bat near SHOULDER BLADE?
5.    Are they looking at the pitcher with a level head...chin over front shoulder?
6.    Do they have a good grip not a strong grip?
7.    Are elbows relaxed and facing slightly downward not back elbow up?
8.    Is the front elbow even with the front hip?


1.    Are their hands still around their back shoulder blade?
2.    Is their front heel up?
3.    Is there torque in their mid-section area and both eyes still facing pitcher?
4.    Did they start load when the pitchers landing foot hit the ground?


1.    Did they start with their back knee going toward pitcher?
2.    Did they keep their hands inside the ball?
3.    Are their hands above the barrel at contact?
4.    Is their back elbow close to their back hip at contact?
5.    Are they contacting the ball around their front foot location?
6.    Is their back foot turned?
7.    Is their front foot open?
8.    Did they plane the pitch...slight upward swing?

Please feel free to contact Coach Doyle for an explanation of any of these hitting mechanics/cues.