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Bernie Doyle Baseball

Athletic Development Training (ADT)

Coach Doyle trains many students to become better athletes.  He trains students at Maple Grove Elementary School.  Students will learn the proper way to run throughout a specific warmup that will be reviewed at every training session.  An athletes running form is very important while running in any sport or exercise. Athletes will perform many different exercises to emphsize proper form when running and jumping...I teach the students hip to lip in regards to hand placement location(opposition) and knees as high as waist level.  Here are some of the athletic development training drills that the students(athletes) perform:

1. box jumps

2. short and higher hurdles

3. ladder exercises

4. restistance band running work with partner

5. heavy rope jumping

6. weighted vest movements

7. parachute resistance running

8. pullup ring body resistance movements

9. heavy medicine ball training

10. sled push drive running

11. small trampoline exercises

12. resistance band ankle movement

13. 5 dot drills

14. heavy tug of war rope training

15. plank body training