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Bernie Doyle Baseball


There are only TWO proven hitting techniques: rotational and linear. You either move forward and continue THROUGH the vertical axis (linear, a.k.a. "lunging), or move forward to your balance point, at which time you stay ON or BEHIND the vertical axis, depending on pitch location (rotational). So, by definition, linear is coming forward and hitting ON TOP a flexed front leg; rotational is hitting AGAINST a rigid front leg.
Rotational hitting combines a linear phase (stride), then blocking the front side and rotating around a stationary axis (rotational) when the hitter reaches his "balance point."
Rotational hitting has been — and continues to be — the technique used by baseball's most PRODUCTIVE hitters and 95% of baseball's Hall-of-Fame hitters. Are YOU being taught rotational mechanics?
The ROTATIONAL HITTING Core Movements that 95% of today’s MLB players use:

-Hips lead the hands.
-Hands kept inside the ball.
-Stay on the plane of the pitch

Rotational Mechanics apply to Baseball and Softball hitters of all ages from t-ball to select travel teams to college and professional baseball.  The Epstein Teaching System is based on the playing experience of nine year Major League Slugger Mike Epstein and his relationship with his friend and mentor, the game's greatest hitter, Ted Williams.  Linear mechanics severely limits a player's future in the game and the best players at the highest level of the game DON'T use them.