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Bernie Doyle Baseball

Bernie Doyle Baseball

Player Private Lesson Videos

After Coach Doyle video clips a player he goes over the video clips with the students showing them instantly what they are doing right and also what they can improve on.  He also shows the players clips of players that are doing the correct mechanics from MLB players down to little league players so they understand what Coach Doyle is looking for.  These clips can be emailed directly to the parents or can be located on Coach Doyle’s Private YouTube Site. Catalogued alphabetically by first name and by date, the links below show videos of the swings of players of all ages.

Aaron S - 1/31/12 thru Brock K - 12/5/11
Brock K - 12/5/11 thru Jack G - 2/25/12
Jack G - 2/25/12 thru Nick C - 2/5/12
Nick C - 6/4/12 thru Zack L - 10/30/11

Aaron H - 1/5/11 thru Caden A - 7/25/11
Caden A - 9/30/10 thru Hunter S - 4/7/11
Hunter S - 6/7/11 thru Michael G - 10/7/10
Michael G - 10/31/10 thru Zeke H - 12/31/10